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Dietitian consult only the documentation of a treating provider can be used for hospital coding. If a patient has multiple wounds, use multiple cover pages and packetsone for. This is important to ensure quality and continuity of care. Documentation should be l egible, a ccurate, w hole, s ubstantiated, u naltered, i ntelligible and t imely. Pdf the aim of this study was to validate a set of previously developed criteria for wound. The indiana pressure ulcer initiative is a health care quality initiative of the indiana state department of. The updated content found in this new edition reflects recent regulatory changes. This document does not replace the need for the application of clinical judgement to each individual presentation. Whether it is a fresh acute wound or a chronic longstanding wound the basic treatment is the same, only your initial approach to the wound changes. Documentation by the nurse texas health and human services. Appendix 1 checklist for managing wound care, based on assessment and problem identification assessment element findings actions taken check box to indicate finding is present if finding is present, check boxes below to. Wound assessment flow sheet cheat sheet drainage on it draw an x on the diagram to indicate the location of the wound place a check in the box that represents the wound type.

Wound assessment form complicating clinical factors vs 101012. N, lpn, esn, sn background the watfs is used to document all parameters of a comprehensive wound assessment and is the basic outline of the wound treatment plan of care. Nine wound care documentation pitfalls to avoid wcei blog. Clinical examples we are going to present some clinical examples.

Wound care the student health provider has treated you today for a wound of the skin. The needs and conditions of the resident care provided to the resident by the care staff it occurs on an on. Wound assessment and management this document reflects what is currently regarded as safe practice. If pain at the wound site, pretreat with either of the following. Advancing wound care angela graham, rn bsn cwocn documentation. As with any break in the skin, infection is possible. Wound care flow sheet cover page this cover page and its packet of weekly pages describe one wound of one patient. The current version of the monthly pressure ulcer tracking form offers the convenience of an excel spreadsheet to instantly summarize and graph your pressure ulcer data by such categories as site, origin, stage, age of wound autocalculated, days to heal autocalculated, and weekly response to treatment. Wound care documentation should be legible, accurate, whole, substantiated. Wound care treating a wound 3 4 5 use the following procedure when treating a wound wash hands and apply gloves. Documentation is seen as being less important than patient care 3.

The basics suzann williamsrosenthal, rn, msn, woc, gnp norma branham, rn, msn, woc, gnp. The watfs is a permanent part of the health record. Pdf superior documentation means superior wound care. August 28, 2015 page 5 of kim kaim, wound management service belief that you dont need to document the obvious 1. Provide a full understanding of the wound healing process and how this affects patients general state of health. Reference for wound documentation american medical. Identify risk factors affecting the wound healing and delaying process. A comprehensive skin assessment is essential to detecting early signs of skin breakdown. A flow sheet on which to track vital signs in a medical, home health, or hospice setting.

The delphi process was used to develop a wound care documentation model for use in an. Adapted from vcha wound care assessment tool 2009 please fill out one form per wound goal of care. Find this pin and more on medical record by yasmay verdecia. This resource is for educational purposes only and not required for use by home health agencies billing cgs.

Find relevant white papers about the latest research, product technologies and treatment approaches from leading organizations and industry thoughtleaders. The watfs is filed in chronological date order in the flow sheet section of the chart according to the health. Lidocaine xylocaine 2% mucosal jelly lidocaine xylocaine 4% mucosal solution full thickness. Background the watfs is used to document all parameters of a comprehensive wound assessment which provides the basis for the wound treatment plan of care. Development of a new wound assessment form wounds asia. Pathway health services wound documentation guidelines. However, as in any clinical situation, there may be factors which cannot be covered by a single set of guidelines. We want to you to think about the most accurate diagnosis you can provide in each case. Pdf on aug 1, 2012, holly korzendorfer and others published superior documentation.

Nursing assessment and management for skin and wound care. Focus and apply the wound care principles based on evidence best practices. Documentation is seen as being less important than patient care3. Oct 5, 2009 pathway health services wound documentation guidelines when charting a description of a pressure ulcer, the following components should be a part of your weekly charting.

If wounds are dirty, they should be cleaned to remove as much dirt and debris as possible. Wound typeetiology if known pressure venous arterial 0 diabetic surgical 2 intention skin tear other. Documentation is factual information about the resident it contains information regarding. One more question since the resident is skilled for therapy, only the therapy documentation counts, right. Sinus tract an elongated cavity that forms, allowing purulent material from. An easy tool for tracking pressure ulcer data wound care. This help publication will present the basic information for evaluating both acute and chronic wounds. Wound care documentation is a hot topic with overseeing agencies dealing with the medical industry. The tip sheets are organized by diagnosis and specify the unique icd10 coding considerations for each diagnosis. To be eligible for documentation of credit, participants must complete the educational activity, read the article, complete the 10 question posttest with a score of 70% or better, and complete the evaluation form. First, wound healing is an incredibly complex process which challenges even experts 3. Wound assessment guideline decision support tool dst. The watf s is a permanent part of the health record. To perform a quick audit to ensure compliance with nursing documentation standards.

The pocket guide information is intended as a general guideline. Will continue same treatment for the next week and may dc after next md assessment. Appendix 1 checklist for managing wound care, based on. Sharon baranoski msn, rn, cwocn, apn, dapwca, faan, elizabeth a. This ondemand webcast is available with synchronized slides and audio. Faculty ahima 2008 audio seminar series ii gloryanne bryant, rhia, ccs gloryanne bryant is corporate senior director of coding him compliance for chw. Describe implementation of point care technology to improve documentation explain icc integumentary command center and its impact on agency. If these components are not incorporated into your wound. Nursing should be assessing the circulatory status. Cleaning is uncomfortable, but dirt and debris left in a wound increase the chance of infection. The publication of the wound care guidelines by the wound healing society in the december 2006 issue of wound repair and regenerationrepresents the culmination of a threeyear effort involving numerous individuals and entities. Medical specialtyspecific icd10 tips sheets all pdf format.

Wound assessment form complicating clinical factors. The woundsource white paper center was created to further our mission of improving the quality and accessibility of wound care education. If dressings need to be cut to size, use clean scissors. Cannot reverse staging3 down to 2the wound will ne ver gain 100% of strength back and will always be prone to breakdown ulcer filled with granulation tissue, not muscle or fat or dermis prior to reepithelialization. As the principal investigator and chief editor of this work, i think that a brief. Sep 15, 2017 wound care documentation is crucial for monitoring, treating and managing wounds. Good documentation is imperative to protect all those giving care to patients.

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