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These fueling stationsproviding cng in compliance with sae j 16162017. A natural for natural gas a leader in the design and manufacture of products and systems that convey and utilize compressed natural gas cng, parker is a natural for natural gas. Then, after compression, cng is dispensed through a manifold to all vehicles simultaneously. Time fill stations are used primarily by fleets and work best for vehicles with large tanks that refuel at a central location every night. Cng vehicle fuel tank inspections customer must provide evidence of the cylinder and fuel system. It is a light gas, weighing about twothirds as much as air.

Cng combination refueling system which can be used to fuel a fleet. Timefill refueling is usually done overnight, in about five to eight hours. Compressed natural gas cng and regular unleaded gasoline 87. Heres what youll need to know if youre thinking about building an onsite cng refueling station. Variations of pressure and mach number at different parts of the system. All refueling stations are time fill stations, meaning that they do not involve any. Recommended practice for compressed natural gas vehicle fuelvary in infrastructure, depending on the amount of storage capacity available and the size of the compressor. Fast fill systems combine a compressor and a highpressure storage system. Setting up a natural gas fast fill station natural gas vehicles utilize natural gas drawn from onboard storage tanks. Cng vehicles arise from the fact that, in order to guarantee a. At a time fill station, a fuel line from a utility delivers cng at a low pressure to a compressor on site. Typical components of a buffer fastfill cng system include those for a fastfill. Type 1 selfservice nozzle for cng fast fill of buses trucks. Two methods are used in cng refueling, slow fill and fast fill.

Gas dryer natural gas utility service temperature compensation storage priority fill system es storage bypass compressor cng cascade 1low 2med 3high cascade fast fill fueling station fast fill. The compressor and storage capacity for fastfill stations are designed such that drivers experience fill times similar to those for gasoline or diesel fueling stations. Fast filling is normally used in fuel stations for. Building a compressed natural gas cng refueling station. Compressed natural gas vehicles500,000 1,000,000 1,500,000 2,000,000 2,500,000. The filter element eliminates contaminants from the environment and. Refueling a propane vehicle is similar to filling a gas grill tank. And now, theres no need to wait for a nationwide network of fueling stations. Fuelling nozzle for cng fast filling of cars at selfservice fuelling stations to be used. Many fleets use the convenience of time fill as the primary method of fueling, with fast fill available as needed. Angi has a longstanding reputation as a leader and innovator in both the compression and natural gas vehicle ngv refueling station industries and has over. Compressed natural gas cng as an automotive fuel cng 101. Fast fill pressureless system advantages automatic shutoff without inducing pressure into the tank. A complete line of ngv1 profile nozzles type 1, type 2, type 3 for time fill, fast fill.

Fleet fueling stations can be conveniently located onsite, using either the fast fill or time fill method of fueling. The study carried out for both cascade and buffer storage systems. Pressureless system application sheets 1 remote mount receiver download 500 kb 2 direct mount receiver. Cng can also be delivered via dispensers alongside gasoline or other fuel dispensers. Fueling will be accomplished using the fast fill cng dispensing system. This equipment fills cng vehicles over a period of hours and is typically used by fleets with vehicles that fuel at a central location each night.

Landfill gas to cng 101 basics of lfg conversion to bcng. Building a cng station for a retail application or a fleet requires calculating the right combination of pressure and storage needed for the types of vehicles being fueled. Efficient use of natural gas based fuels in heavyduty engines deer conference fuels and highperformance lubricants. Pdf mathematical modeling of fast filling process at cng refueling. Fastfill stations receive fuel from a local utility line at a low pressure and then use a compressor on site to compress the gas to a high pressure.

You or others could be injured if leaking cng is ignited. Positive shutoff system senses the fulid level in the tank. The cascade fast fill station is modelled as a single storage mass flow system with. Pdf modeling and analysis of a cng residential refueling system.

Time fill station in a time fill station, gas is first dried to re duce the moisture. Intelligent accumulator filling using the hc900 logic system furthermore, the noise levels generated by our compressors are significantly reduced as a result of them being watercooled. A buffer fastfill cng station is typically used for sequential fueling of high fuel use vehicles one. The economical operation of cng fueling stations is beneficial to the station. Fastfill refueling is similar to using a gasoline or diesel pump and takes minutes to refuel. Highflow selfservice filling nozzles type 1 nozzles, type 2 nozzles, type 3 nozzles, ngv1 nozzles, nz nozzles, gost nozzles for time fill, fast fill. The main component of cng is methane, a highly flammable. Refueling at home natural gas compressed natural gas. A third style, buffer fast fill, is mostly used for transit applications and will not be discussed here. As used in the systems covered by this standard, it tends to rise and diffuses rapidly in air when it escapes from the system.

Cng can also be delivered via dispensers alongside gasoline or other alternative fuel dispensers. Cng fueling agreement pacific gas and electric company. Provide one sample of the time fill nozzle, and one sample of the fast fill. Efficient use of natural gas based fuels in heavyduty engines.

User friendly singleactionoperation fill nozzle for quick fuelling. Once compressed, the cng moves to a series of storage vessels so the fuel is available for a quick fillup. A refueling station can be installed wherever natural gas is available. Weh components for cng car dispensing systems feature. For either time fill or fast fill cng applications, opw offers you the convenience to order the complete cng type 2 fueling system or components best suited to meet your needs. Fieldproven type 1 pistol grip nozzle for cng fast fill. Cng vehicle and fueling products from parkers quick. Fast fill stations receive fuel from a local utility at line pressure and then use a compressor on site to. For either timefill or fastfill cng applications, opw offers you the convenience to order the complete cng type 2 fueling system or components best suited to meet your needs. Receptacles can be employed in both fast fill and time fill dispensing applications. Handbook on cng fuel dispensers asiapacific economic.

Cng infrastructure guide gas storage fast fill cng applications will require pressurized gas to be stored in high pressure tanks to accommodate more vehicles fueling faster. Designed to work best with our sureloc and pitboss pressure sensitive nozzles. Cng vehicle and fueling system solutions parker hannifin. Cng storage tanks often come in cascades of up to three tanks in a bank or in spheres. Operators need the connector from the dispenser and hookup to the inlet of the cng vehicles. Automated document, preliminary statement part a page 2 of 4 form 79753 advice 3485g june 2014. In order to have enough fuel available in the vehicle, the natural gas must be. Multiclient 70 mpa fast fill study oem1 fuel system. Today the weh cng fuelling system has become the worldwide ngv1 standard thus rewarding wehs. Unlike gasoline or diesel stations, compressed natural gas stations are not one size fits all.

At cng stations, the gas is typically taken from the local gas utilitys line at low pressure, compressed and dispensed into the vehicles storage tanks at high pressure, typically to 3,600 psi. At combination fill stations, users have the ability to time fill or fast fill vehicles on demand. Customer will be provided one 1 card key per vehicle which will be used to initiate fueling. Costs associated with compressed natural gas vehicle. Fms series receptacles are compatible with all cng fueling nozzles. Pdf effects of natural gas compositions on cng fast. Weh fuelling nozzle tk17 cng for fast filling of cars. Cng vehicle and fueling system solutions photo courtesy of. Slow fill versus fast fill slow fill requires no storage, only compression to pressure required by vehicles typically 3,600 psig vehicles can only be filled at the rate of the capacity of the plant e. Use only cng fuel meeting recommended cng fuel standards.

Filling nozzle for cng fast filling of buses and trucks heavy duty vehicles at selfserve filling stations for fleet filling public cng fuelling. Natural gas fast fill station cng fueling station components. Design of cng dispenser the operating system of the cng dispenser by the operator. Designed for fast filling of cars and light duty vehicles in selfservice, the fieldproven ngv1 pistol grip nozzle tk17 cng has convinced customers worldwide for more than ten years with its sleek look and superior ease of operation.

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