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I saw the stage production of the show and found this arrangement to be simple enough that an intermediate pianist can play it simply as a piano piece or use it as an accompaniment for a singer. I could hardly put the book down, and i have read many of these types of books. Sheet music arranged for pianovocalchords in bb major transposable. Phantom of the opera with the help of madame giry and her daughter meg moved to the united states. This is based on the preformace at melbournes regent theatre this is also written in stage form, which makes it slightly harder to read. How to reconnect and make peace with the deceased is really two books in one. Her experiences, she writes in her book, shows us that we can still connect with loved ones on the other side. Mar 26, 2012 the better webber musical with the phantom. The beauty underneath dear old friend devil take the hindmost look with.

Andrew lloyd webber before the performance lyrics genius. After his disappearance from the paris opera house. Book depository books with free delivery worldwide. It is a sequel to the longrunning 1986 musical the phantom of the opera and was loosely adapted from forsyths 1999 novel the phantom of manhattan the plot is not based on the storyline in the original 1910 book by gaston leroux. Based on a book by ben elton, the captivating love story of the phantom and christine daae continues in new yorks playground, coney island.

Its at one and the same time a modern musical with stunning visual effects and a rather oldfashioned kind of show which tends towards the melodramatic and sentimental. Set a decade after its predecessor, musical delivers the spectacle its builtin. Apr 11, 2012 directed by brett sullivan, simon phillips. She clearly shows the many ways spirit can communicate through us and with animals and even objects. Our folio features vocal selections to lord lloyd webbers followup to the global phenomenon the phantom of the opera thats set 10 years after the original in coney island. See all 2 formats and editions hide other formats and editions. This songbook features thirteen vocal selections to lord lloyd webber. Hearts may get broken, and soon as you submit, surrender flesh and bone, that love takes on a life much bigger than your own.

Turndorf is passionate in her certainty that we can actually communicate with those weve lost. Also, please note the fact that this is a musical and that the cast members often break in and out of song, which is not indicated in the script. Since i have the phantom of the opera piano book, i figured the music would be harder to play. Who knows when love begins who knows what makes it start one day its simply there alive inside your heart. Print instantly, or sync to our free pc, web and mobile apps. Set ten years after the events of the first installment, the phantom has lured his muse from paris to new york city for a. With ben lewis, anna obyrne, maria mercedes, simon gleeson. The set comes complete with a 40page book with track notes by respected theatre critic and lloyd webber biographer michael coveney. But love wont let you go, once youve been possessed.

The hardest thing about the book is the key signatures. It is a sequel to the longrunning musical the phantom of the opera and was loosely adapted from forsyths novel the phantom of manhattan 1999. Nothing against new york, i particularly love this city, but not as a setting for the phantom. The day starts, the day ends time crawls by night steals in, pacing the floor the moments creep, yet i can. However, the lyrics to the song the beauty underneath, are completely incorrect. It is 10 years after his disappearance from the paris opera house and the phantom has escaped to a new life in new york where he lives amongst the screaming joy rides and freakshows of coney island.

In a sense, that is no bad thing because its a combination that some fine musicals have laid claim to and succeeded. Its fun to play, but as someone who has been taking private lessons for years, i find it to be a little too easy. This story of boundless love, full of passion and drama, follows one of the most successful musicals of all time, which has now been seen by more than million people worldwide and is the winner of over 50 international awards. How to reconnect and make peace with the deceased, turndorf teaches a method for dialoguing with the departed which holds tremendous healing potential for everyone who has lost a loved one. The first part of the book reveals the love story of dr jamie turndorf and her husband emile jean pan, and the devastating loss of his physical body. Set a decade after its predecessor, musical delivers the spectacle its builtin fan base is likely to adore. Most have four or five sharps or four or five flats.

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